Audio Post-Production

Audio post production examples from Pussy and The Queen Bee
Case: sound design and sound mix for short films
Roles: audio post; sound mix, sound design, music composer:

Intruders – international teaser trailer
Client: Studio 35
Case: audio post, sound design, and music for film trailer
Roles: sound designer, sound mixer, sound mastering, music composer

The Queen Bee
Client: Rande FILM
Case: audio post, sound design, and original music for short film
Roles: music composer, sound editor, sound design, sound mix, sound mastering
Vimeo password: Queenbee

Knut Nærum/Karstein Volle: MUFFENS
Client: Volle/Nærum
Case: audio post and original music for graphic novel video teaser
Roles: music composer/arranger/mixer, sound mix, sound design, sound mastering